New Blog and New Goals

It’s that lovely time of year, when all the possibilities for the months ahead are swirling around. I’ve not made resolutions as in my experience they rarely last more than a few days (plus I’ve still got an awful lot of chocolate to get through!) but I am setting some goals for the coming year. It’s also a great chance to take stock and reflect on what has happened over the last year.

In writing terms, 2014 was my best yet, with some great competition successes and more work sent out than ever before, BUT there is still a lot to improve on. So to that end, these are my goals for 2015:

  • Submit more! My aim is for a minimum of 1 piece per week – whether that is a short story, filler or simply a letter to a magazine.
  • Finish the first draft of a novel.
  • Persevere with blogging. I tried once before but was embarrassingly bad at keeping it updated so here is my shiny new blog just waiting to grow.
  • Embrace the slightly scary world  (to me anyway) of social media. I’ve already made a start with facebook and next on my list is twitter. Apologies in advance for all the mistakes I will make and if I come across like a stalker – please feel free to ignore my friend requests!

What all the above really amounts to, is to take myself seriously as a writer. I’ve realised that I love it and I can’t imagine myself going back to a life where I didn’t write. I’ve also learned that with a bit of hard work and probably a bigger amount of luck I can actually produce something worthy of publication/competition success. And to remind myself of that and also to blow my own trumpet (which all writers have to do at some point!) here are some successes from 2014.

  • Leicester Writers Club Writing for Children Competition – Third Place with Jack Jenkins and the Portal to the Past
  • Writer’s Forum Monthly Short Story Competition – WINNER with Tangled Threads (April)
  • Exeter Writers Short Story Competition 2014 – WINNER with Dancing the Animals. This also led on to me joining Exeter Writers which has been a huge privilege.
  • Hysteria 2014 – WINNER in the Short Story category with Drowning in Lemon Juice (Anthology available here)
  • Runner-up in a Writing Magazine Short Story Competition – details should be out later this year.

Onwards and Upwards! Here’s to a great 2015.


One thought on “New Blog and New Goals

  1. Hey you’ve done fantastically well in 2014 Tracey! I know what you mean about taking cats to the vets – ours usually either poos or wees in his carrier cart and we take him there and back in a taxi. It’s really embarrassing and I’m always apologising to the taxi driver! For fiction compers, there’s an e-mag called KISHBOO that holds on ongoing story comp.


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