Schools Out

WP_20150723_17_41_52_ProA bittersweet time for us at the moment as our youngest son has just finished at primary school. He’s had a great grounding, is leaving with amazing SATs results and is more than ready to move on, but I know from experience that from now on I won’t have the same insight into his school life. Which is all good and he needs his independence but still… I’m really going to miss it. It’s even more poignant as I work at the school he went to and have spent much of today taking his name off of various lists and registers – with a little sob at each one.

Sadness aside, it’s summer holidays – yay! I love every minute of them – even the non-stop Devon rain, the raised voices which suggest that number one son is about to disembowel number three son and the constant sound of number two son making yet another raid on the fridge.

I’ve got a stack of books to read, a pile of writing to do and I can’t wait to get stuck in. I’ve had some good luck recently with selling short stories (three!) to magazines. It’s given me a real boost and my head is full of ideas.

The summer holiday – bring it on.


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