Product Details

This is a collection of short stories for children of all ages published by Alfie Dog Fiction. My story ‘The Colour Pixie’ is included. Available from and amazon as both paperback and e-book editions.


Product DetailsProduct DetailsThese two short story collections for children are published by and include my stories ‘Blackbird and Owl’ and ‘Magnificent Maude. Available as paperback and e-book.


Product DetailsThis contains my one and only story accepted by the women’s magazines (so far – let’s stay optimistic here!) The story, ‘Jamie’s Lamb’ was one of the first I ever wrote and the first I sent off – really thought I was on to a winner there!


Product DetailsContains the top 10 entries in each of the short story, flash fiction and poem categories from the Hysteria 3 competition. This was the third annual competition organised by The Hysterectomy Association and I’m thrilled to say my story ‘Drowning in Lemon Juice’ was the winner of the short story category.


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